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JMS Tongue Pressure Measurement Device

Reference Value

Able-bodied person's maximum tongue pressure


<Outcome of max. tongue pressure>

Adult male (age: 20 to 59) 45 ± 10
Adult female (age: 20 to 59) 37 ± 9
Elderly adult over 60 38 ± 9
Elderly adult over 70 32 ± 9


<Indication of max. tongue pressure> (draft proposal)

Adult male (age: 20 to 59) 35 ~
Adult female (age: 20 to 59) 30 ~
Elderly adult over 60 30 (preferable)
Elderly adult over 70 20 (required)


Utanohara Y, Hayashi R, Yoshikawa M, et al: Standard values of maximum tongue pressure taken using newly developed disposable tongue pressure measurement device, Dysphagia, 23: 286-290, 2008.
津賀一弘: 簡易型舌圧測定装置を用いる最大舌圧の測定, 『顎口腔機能の評価』, 日本顎口腔機能学会, 41-44, 2010.

Oral hypofunction

Measurements of clinical signs/symptoms of oral hypofunction

Clinical Signs Measurements
Poor oral hygiene The total number of microorganisms (CFU/mL) is 106.5 or more.
Oral dryness The measured value obtained by a recommended moisture checker is less than 27.0.
Reduced occlusal
The occlusal force is less than 200 N.
Decreased tongue-lip
motor function
The number of any counts of/pa/,/ta/or/ka/produced per second is less than 6.
Decreased tongue
The maximum tongue pressure is less than 30 kPa.
masticatory function
The glucose concentration obtained by chewing gelatin gummies is less than 100 mg/dL.
Deterioration of
swallowing function
The total score of EAT-10 is 3 or higher.

Oral hypofunction in the older population: Position paper of
the Japanese Society of Gerodontology in 2016」(Gerodontology : First published: 08 June 2018)

Sarcopenia and Diagnosis chart for sarcopenia and dysphagia

Tongue pressure < 20.00 kPa

Fujishima I, Fujiu-Kurachi M, Arai H, et al. Sarcopenia and dysphagia: Position paper by four professional organizations. Geriatr. Gerontol. Int. 2019;19:91-97